New employee, same availability

To meet its development, Swiss Tax Services SA can now rely on a new part-time worker.

The final goal is to help Louis to concentrate on some specific high level tax issue and to keep the final contact and responsability with you.

In this sense, Swiss Tax Services SA is always available, mainly in Verbier, to meet your tax needs.

Estelle Richard has an experience of near 10 years in our area of work, as accountant in my other company, named Fiduciaire de l'Entremont SA, in Orsières.


In 2018 she passed the exam to be a certified accountant. She got the highest score of the French-speaking Switzerland. Now she is studying tax law in Lausanne.


In the meantime, she did her First certificate. She plans to obtain the Advanced one in 2020. In this goal, she will spend some time in London this summer.


Her expertise is among others in all salary and social insurances issues as well as in accounting. This is a part of her job in Swiss Tax Services SA.


Estelle will also assist increasingly Louis in tax matters, so that he can keep contacts with you and the responsability of all files. It will also helps to concentrate on some specific tax high level issues.

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